The most common reasons that prevents IT to reach full potential – 7th: what about RCA?

Imagine that you are running a production floor with multiple machines. Each of these machines is using the same gasket to connect pipes to every other machine via valves. For some reason you bought a batch of flawed gaskets, but you don’t know it yet. On a weekly basis you start to have leakages from the pipes of some machines and you are spending time and money to find the issue and replace the gasket for these machines, but you never get to the root cause of the problem and replace all the flawed gaskets. Without Root Cause Analysis (RCA) you are patching to resolve the issue, but in effect you are cumulatively increasing the downtime of your production floor by not investing time to find the root cause and fixing the issue in one shot.

For some reason IT shops tend to spend time solving the problem by patching instead of spending more time to finding the root cause and resolving the problem once and for all. In reality the patching approach increases the number of reoccurring issues to a critical mass and is counterproductive to finding the root cause. Patching also increases the percentage of time that your staff spends on keeping the lights on. In a vicious cycle as you spend more time keeping the lights on, you tend to be more and more tactical and patching becomes the norm.

Although true RCA takes more time to resolve the issue (compared to patching), over time RCA will guarantee you a more reliable and robust environment.

Missing RCA

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