Exponential IT (XOIT) – Training Leads and Representatives

One of the main obstacles that you are going to encounter as you begin any self-management practice is the availability of resources that can facilitate and train new subject matter experts (SMEs) for the system that you put in place. This is something we learned the hard way when we tried to add more teams into our self-management (XOIT) practice, however we found that we were missing SMEs to continue the momentum.

Our approach for training and education has taken several different streams:

  1. Videoing our Tactical/Governance meetings and publishing the good ones to the entire team.
  2. Using training materials around the book Crucial Conversations with XOIT as a training to all of IT.
  3. Using Captains and Right Hands to increase XOIT SMEs. This approach has two main roles:
    • Captains run all meetings (for the training duration we are doing operational daily and governance at least once a week)
    • Right Hand(s): existing SMEs (used to be Captains) who are responsible for coaching the existing Captain.
    • Captains run the meetings for two weeks and then serve as a Right Hand for another two weeks. After 4 weeks that individual who served both as Captain and Right Hand is experienced enough to be an SME.
  4. Utilizing our Organizational Development team to train Representatives.
  5. Embedding self-development practices in our IT culture.
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