Exponential IT (XOIT) – Recording meeting and our instructions for Governance and Tactical meetings

Our first trainee just finished his first week as Captain, with me as his Right hand. One thing we found to be very beneficial was to video record our meetings and provide feedback based on the play back. This practice helped dramatically improve our trainees abilities to run tactical meetings. Since he runs tactical meetings within a different group we also discovered that the personas that create a particular group has a major impact on the flow of the meeting and the role of the Lead or Representative that is responsible for running the meetings. While the Holacracy process truly focuses on updates, getting things done, and changing the group structure while simultaneously enabling everyone within the group an equal opportunity to speak and share their thoughts; this approach is not so convenient to those individuals that like running the show and having control of the meeting.  Not surprisingly, those are the same individuals that find this process hard to adopt.

While Tactical meetings are easier to learn and adopt, on the other hand Governance meetings are very difficult, so we developed the following instructions for running a Governance meeting.  The intention being that it will help with the adoption of more Governance meetings and even more so the process of validating objections. Hopefully it will work for others as well:

Governance meeting




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