Let’s make humanity slightly better, Let’s change the working environment!

I won’t bore you with all the statistics that prove what you already know. The majority of us spend around 8 hours each week day at work and most of us don’t like what we see and feel. We are not engaged!  That looks like a BIG problem, so why not jump on it and change the world?

If you think about it, so many things have changed just in the last 40 years:

  • We are in the middle of the Information Revolution which started with the success of the internet.
  • Automation led to humans work that required thinking and advanced skills, not repetition.
  • Big organizations with central authority, silos, which using process flows and procedures for any task; are being threatened (and even beaten) by hundreds of smaller organizations that share a strong purpose. But, these smaller organizations are missing central authority, silos and strict processes.
  • New generations with different aspirations and growing needs are becoming the biggest group of consumers and are entering and will continue to enter the work environment.
  • What you, your friends, your company and your county are doing is publicly available for anyone in real time and from different resources.
  • Extreme poverty has been cut almost in half.
  • More children are attending school.
  • The world is increasingly urban.

Compared to all of these changes there is one environment that has hardly changed. Yes, the working environment. Our working environment is still heavily influenced by principles from Scientific Management that was set up in 1911, yes 1911.

Obviously, there are many smart people who recognize this and have started to think and practice different ways to motivate and organize people. There are two problems though: 1) there are very few practicing new ways and 2) they are missing a community to support them and to provide tips from other practitioners experience. Naturally, finding different ways to motivate and organize people is a major competitive advantage that existing practitioners won’t be happy to share.

That is why we set up Marram (a nonprofit organization). This organizations purpose is to change how organizations motivate and organize people. Our mission is to provide the best valuable resources available for Thought Leaders and practitioners working on new ways to motivate and organize people. If you have the same passion and perhaps are experiencing frustration at the work place or your friend shares her frustration with you, join us and help change humanity to be slightly better.

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