Marram ( மாற்றம், Māṟṟam) means Change in Tamil language

Marram Purpose: Changing how organizations motivate and organize people

Marram Mission: Providing  the best valuable resources available for Thought Leaders and practitioners working on new ways to motivate and organize people

Marram Vision: Being the main provider for technologies, frameworks, best practices and collaborations which support new ways to motivate and organize people

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Join us to explore the unknown and change how organizations are going to organize and motivate people in the future.  Yes, there are many variations and part of them are very advanced compared to the original concept of Scientific management.  With the Information Revolution succeeding the  Industrial Revolution and new generations (Y and Z) entering the work environment, we are sure that there are better ways to motivate and organize people.  A way that will help organizations be more prepared to motivate the information generation and enhance their ability as valuable contributors.

There are already many new approaches being debated and implemented by thoughtful leaders in existing organizations. If you want to be part of this movement, if you want to change how organizations will motivate and organize people, if you want to do something about it, your place is with us.

Join us now

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